On Pace For 700 Murders in 2016

Megan CrepeauContact Reporter
Chicago Tribune
For the second weekend in a row, more than 50 people were shot in Chicago as the number of homicides this year rose to more than 50 percent above the same period last year.

More than 660 people have been killed in the city so far this year, according to data compiled by the Tribune. Barring an exceptional slowdown, Chicago is on pace to exceed 700 homicides by year’s end for the first time since 1998.

The number of people shot in Chicago this year is more than a thousand above what it was this time last year, from 2,620 to 3,795, according to Tribune data.

Mayor Emanuel is as Bad as any Mayor

Rahm just wants to be re-elected. He is just another self-centered politician. He needs to make hard decisions. Withholding information like he did for political reasons is just unacceptable on any level of government. He needs to go.

It is clear we cannot do what is necessary for our own city and state. Let the US government take over (its an emergency situation) because Chicago and Illinois will not act,and, 1) root out the corruption in government because until that occurs the status quo will not change, 2) bring in the National Guard because more than anything else Chicagoans need safety on its streets, 3) reduce the number of Aldermen. These are little fiefdoms that are used to feed the mouth of the machine and establishes the basic machinery for the corruption, and 4) Restructure the public pension funds. Its too bad the public employees were promised sugar plum fairies in order to get votes but now we can’t pay for them, and raising taxes to pay for them just means more companies and people will leave this area. This in turn places a larger burden on those staying. It is a death spiral!

1. Start with safety. What are we doing about this? Does anybody even care about the loss of life? This is disgusting. Chicago – get our act together!!
2. Root out the corruption of politics otherwise there will be no changes.
3. Improve the economy by improving infrastructure, schools, delivery of health care to the poor.

Recognize the Problems

1. The politicians we elect are incapable of solving the most pressing problems of the city.

2. The shootings in any neighborhood are unacceptable and an embarrassment to all of Chicago.

3. Incompetency of the Chicago Public Schools condemns Chicago children to a life of unrealized potential and dreams.

4. Politicians and police are costing all Chicagoans a huge amount of money that can only be paid for by increases in taxes on all Chicagoans.

5. To save Chicago the people of this city must become engaged in changing their community.